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Create a moment

Weavyworld gives you the freedom to say what you really feel about the ups and downs of life... the day to day highs and lows, the big events and the little ones.


Select from hundreds of artist created messages and greetings and show the important people in your life just how much you care.



Why Weavyworld?

Forgotten an important day? Hard to find the right words?

Send thanks, or love, or support, or greetings, or just a smile in a cool new mobile format from the best contemporary creatives and artists.


We help you live a more Momentful™ life by connecting you emotionally to those who matter the most.

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It's so easy to get started with Weavyworld, a hassle-free way of communicating your innermost thoughts anywhere across the globe.


A picture speaks a thousand words

Weavys are made from some of the best artwork in the market - from fine artists to top studios, from angry rabbits to philosophers, from oil paintings to photography.


The artist sets the mood, finds the words and gets the expression just right - so you, the user - don't have to.


Use the app to search and find exactly what you want to say, and send or save your favourite ones in an instant.



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