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Join the artists of Weavyworld™


The Weavyworld™ app is brought to you by a stellar team on a publishing platform ahead of its time in performance and quality. A "Weavy" is positioned in between a physical greeting card and a Facebook/WhatsApp message.


As a new format, engineered for emotion, it cuts through all the noise out there. A Weavy's unique, multi-pane narrative offers you a playful and profound way to express your creativity. With over 400 emotions and 17 types of humour to call upon, we’re keen to see your work making people smile or cry... join up using "contact us."


The best way to see Weavys in action is to download the free app here.


Weavy Content Categories

Our users buy and send content for holidays,  birthdays and anniversaries - and the everyday moments in life. Uniquely we also offer artistic interpretations of all the emotions, perfect for sending in an instant.


We are seeking quality artists to join our curated pool.

At Weavyworld™ it doesn't matter what medium you create on, be it oil on canvas, watercolours or digital illustration. Just about any medium can be converted into a Weavy - let us show you. 

We know that artists like yourself have this ability to touch hearts and minds.

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