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Below you can find our FAQs, how to contact us, an easy way to give feedback and a contact form for investors and partners


Please browse the following FAQs which should in the majority of cases, provide the support you need to enjoy your Weavyworld experience

How to Get Started

What devices do you support?

  • You can install our apps on Apple or Android smartphones, preferably with updated software as we can’t guarantee the app’s performance on out of date software or jailbroken handsets.
  • You can send a message to any smartphone with a data connection.

How do I get the app

  • Find the app by searching in iTunes or Google Play app stores and clicking “install”

How do I get started?

  • Open the Weavyworld app by tapping the icon on your phone’s home screen.
  • Follow the instructions to open a new account.
  • Change or add to your information within the app under settings (cog icon top right)

How do I browse?

  • On the Weavyworld home screen, tap a circle to open that group of content
  • To read a Weavy, tap a single image and it will fill the screen, then swipe to move through the narrative

The Basics of Using Weavyworld

Is there a quicker way to preview a Weavy instead of opening it and scrolling through?

  • Yes, hold down on the Weavy and it will animate

How do I save a card into my favourites?

  • Tap the heart icon on a Weavy to add it to your favourites folder. Find the folder by tapping the heart icon on the menu bar at the bottom of the screen.

How to draft a message and send

  • Tap on a card you like the look of, swipe through to read it, and stop on the blank message pane
  • Tap on the pencil icon and the keyboard appears. Type in your message.
  • The app accesses your contacts so you can pick the recipient, or you can enter their mobile number manually.
  • When you’re ready to send, press send!

I've received a Weavy without the app, what do I do next? Find Weavyworld in the AppStore, sign up/register with your mobile number, and that Weavy should appear safe inside your inbox.

Payments and Security

How do I pay?

  • In-app purchases are made using your secure Apple’s iTunes or Android’s Android Pay/Google Wallet (which?). You can find more information by visiting the links below

What about security?

  • Your personal message is encrypted end to end, and is only visible to the sender and the recipient.

Lost and stolen phones

  • Always protect your handset with a security PIN. If your handset is lost or stolen, notify your mobile network operator immediately to lock the sim card and prevent usage. When your handset is replaced with the same mobile telephone number, you can re-install Weavyworld along with your past history.

Reinstalling Weavyworld

  • Simply go to the app store and re-download the app. Log in again and your full account history will be automatically restored.

Sender and recipient security

  • Please ensure you enter the correct international mobile number for the recipient, or your message may arrive with the wrong person. You can report a concern in the app settings.

Terms of service

  • All content is subject to copyright. Our full terms of service are available at

Reporting a concern

  • There is a "report a concern" button inside the app *
  • In regards to blasphemous, crass, rude (eg swearing) content, we comply with publishing guidelines, however we appreciate that tolerance, humour etc vary between people, if a complaint is made we will log your feedback and review periodically

  • For offensive, aggressive or unwanted message pane wording the sender is wholly responsible for any message content sent, we cannot view messages as they are private and encrypted.

Doing more


  • Select a circle to see groups of curated content. Select the search icon (magnifying glass) in the bottom bar to enter a search term against the directory.
  • If you’d like to see content that you can’t find, provide feedback via settings or at

Sending and receiving

  • You must have the Weavyworld app to send a Weavy.
  • Recipients who have the app installed have a W against their name when you agree to share contacts. They will receive a notification message and a red flag on their app.
  • Recipients who are not on Weavyworld will receive a notification message on your behalf by IM, SMS or International SMS, which is identified as Weavyworld and paid for by the Weavyworld message centre.
  • All recipients can swipe through their Weavy to read it.


  • The app’s mailbox icon (an envelope on the bottom bar) contains your inbox, sent and drafted Weavys Sender notifications appear in your inbox, changing colour when the Weavy is sent, delivered and opened. If your mailbox icon has a red dot over it, it is notifying you that you have unopened Weavys.


I want to send a Weavy internationally

  • When sending your Weavy, make sure you include the country code before the number when you are prompted to enter it, for example, an American number must start with +1 and a Spanish number must start with +34. This ensures that your message goes to the right territory.

Does it cost more to send a Weavy based on location?

  • Sending a Weavy costs the same flat rate regardless of where it’s sent from or sent to.

Is there support for other languages?

  • Currently the Weavyworld app and notifications are in British English, and the English content is in either British or American English spelling according to the artist’s nationality. Your personal message can be in any language you choose!

Advanced features

Account management

  • For advanced security, log out of your app via the settings menu. To log back in, enter your account details again.
  • You can use log out to switch between different accounts on one handset.

Problem solving

  • A data connection is required to send and receive. Weavyworld is designed to operate over low bandwidth. Please note that industry text messaging notifications may be at risk in cases of infrastructure failure by mobile network operators (on New Year’s Eve, for example).
  • Many problems are resolved by closing the app and re-opening it back at the home screen.
  • On an iPhone, double click device’s home button and swipe up on the Weavyworld app window to close.
  • On an Android device, press the app window button (usually the touch button on the bottom right of your phone screen) and then swipe right to shut down the application.

Contact us

  • To report a technical issue, please fill in the feedback form in the section below this or use the service feature in-app in settings.
  • You can send us feedback using the same tools.
  • Weavyworld Customer Service operates weekdays excluding UK Bank Holidays between 10am and 4pm GMT.

If you are still experiencing issues, please raise a ticket by emailing, we're happy to help



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  • If you see a gap in the content that you feel could be filled, let us know what is missing and we'll look into it. (eg: I would like to see more horse content)

Please be as detailed as possible with your feedback, it is much appreciated

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